This Playful Goat Uses Her 300-Pound Pig Brother As A Trampoline And Has An Adorable Blast!


The personality of a Pygmy goat is like that of a puppy. They love to play and run and obviously jump, and when they get bored they can be very rowdy. Allowing the Pygmy into a pen with a 300 pound pig that is not accustom to other animals or animals that are so playful could make him aggressive. Pigs have been known to attack goats that were caged with them. You must take the background of the animals into consideration before you attempt such a thing.

However if the pig and the goat have grown up together and have shown no aggression toward each other, they may be perfect pen-mates. This is something you will have to determine with your animals. Until you are sure the pig will not attack the Pygmy goat keep them separated.

Pygmy goats are a popular farm animal and many people keep them for pets. Special attention must be given to their living space. Pygmy goats will eat anything so make sure there are no plants near that will cause them harm. Pygmy goats are active as you have seen in the video. They need structures that they can climb on and jump on. Many Pygmy goat owners build their house with a flat roof and attach a balancing board against it. Make sure the structure is not near the fence because Pygmy goats are very smart and they will use the structure to jump over the fence.

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