This Pit Bull Was Severely Abused, But When She Meets This Woman…I’m Speechless


There is no excuse for abuse. While abusive people often come from abusive situations of their own, there is no reason why they feel the need to pass down the same level of misery to others. Abusers wish to keep their victims unhappy, make them suffer and force them to feel as if they are nothing to anyone.

Women and dogs can certainly relate to one another in this regard, as many of them come from backgrounds that involve hefty amounts of physical abuse. When they are able to find one another and make a life together, the results are absolutely beautiful and the video you are about to see is certainly no exception.

The woman in this clip is named Melissa and Melissa was finally able to escape the clutches of her abusive ex-boyfriend. Her boyfriend stabbed her a whopping 32 times and most of the wounds are still evident on Melissa’s face. He attempted to disfigure her, so that no on else would ever love her.


But he was wrong. Melissa has not only found love, but she has also found a kindred spirit. Even though her face was temporarily paralyzed and some thought that she would never be able to smile again, Khaleesi the dog came into her life and provided her with a renewed zest for living.

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