This Pit Bull Saw A Little Bunny. What He Did NEXT Will Melt Your Heart!


This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen just the contrast of the two friends together will make you smile and laugh. You have to take some time from your busy day to see this video. This tiny bunny rabbit is just so small and he doesn’t seem to be the least afraid of giant Sharky. They say pit bulls are mean and will tear your head off but in this video it seems to be just the opposite. Sharky is a loving chap who feels like he is obligated to little Cottontail.

Watch this cute video of the giant dog and the tiny bunny rabbit getting

along so lovely you won’t believe your eyes. Whoever said that pit bulls are a mean dog should watch this video to see how untrue that really is. See how this bunny uses his little arms to wash himself while Sharky helps him with his bath. This is really a lesson in how different animals can get along like this big dog and tiny rabbit. People could really learn their lesson from these two animals and how they are good friends.

Watch how this giant pit bull starts to help the little bunny get clean. There had been a rainstorm earlier and Sharky was helping Cottontail to dry off. At the end they kind of both look at each other as good friends and it is really amusing to see how they interact with one another. It is funny how nice these type of dogs really are. You have to see how cool this video looks and these two different sized animals getting along. Watch how this rabbit cleans with his little arms. The way the two are relaxed around each other is just hard to believe. This big pit bull relaxing with his friend the bunny. The two seem to have a special understanding regardless their sizes. Watch this special video and pass it on.

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