This Pit Bull Isn’t Allowed On The Bed, Moments Later THIS Is What He Did!


Having pets can be a lot of fun, but in many ways, it is also a lot like being a parent. You have to establish boundaries and rules and you also need to be able to stick to them. This is especially hard for pet owners whose fur children have a flair for the dramatic. Parents need to have a firm hand and be able to lay down the law.

The majority of pet owners try to keep things simple for their pooches by making one rule: stay off of my bed. Other pet owners will extend this rule to cover every piece of furniture. But there is something about that forbidden fruit that just tastes sweeter, as you can see in this video.

While most dogs have no problem obeying the rules that their parents set, the dog in this clip has decided that following the rules isn’t something he has a lot of interest in doing. As soon as Dad leaves home, he heads to his parents’ bed and you can tell that he has been planning this caper for quite some time.

Unfortunately for the dog, this plan worked a little too well and he fell into a very deep sleep. The pup was in such a slumber, he never heard Dad coming in. If he had thought this plan through a little better, he might have been able to scramble his way out of his parents’ bed before he had a chance to get caught.

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