This Piglet’s Dedication To Walk With His Disability Will Bring Tears Of Joy To Your Eyes!


They crafted a custom made wheelchair for Chris and would you believe that they were able to fashion this device, strictly out of old toy parts? This kind of selfless ingenuity should be applauded, as this impossibly tiny piglet is now able to stay on his feet and get around with relative ease.

Chris is so small, he is barely the same size as a human’s hand. But he does not let his size or his disability stop him from living life. It takes him a while to get adjusted to his new method of transportation, his determination will serve him well as he learns to overcome this latest challenge.

Just watch him enjoy a delicious drink of milk out of the baby bottle that his owners have provided. It just might be the most adorable thing you have seen all day, maybe even all week!

This pig is not merely content with beating the odds, he is an author, too. He has written a book, entitled My Life So Far, with the objective of inspiring young readers who are also forced to deal with a disability. Chris is teaching children everywhere to accept what is unique about them and embrace it. Even though he only has two legs, he refuses to ever give up.

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