This Pig Was Pregnant And On Her Way To A Slaughterhouse, See How She Saves Her Babies


When it comes to the slaughter of animals, the debate between both sides will always continue to rage on. There are those who believe that humans have climbed to the top of the food chain and do not have any qualms about sending innocent animals to the slaughterhouse. They see no issues with this practice and are vocal about their feelings.

While they are certainly entitled to this opinion, there are also those who see the practice of sending animals to the slaughterhouse as being unnecessarily barbaric. This is merely a post that is intended to highlight the unique role that animals play in this ongoing battle, as opposed to a debate, so be sure to keep calm and grab yourself a glass of water.

Pigs are seen as helpless animals that are merely raised to become bacon or ham for some hungry family. What most do not realize is that pigs have the innate ability to sense when they are about to become someone else’s dinner. They know when they are on their way to the slaughterhouse and they are a much more intuitive animal than they ever get credit for.

Just imagine knowing that you are about to get slaughtered. How do you think that would feel? Pretty awful, right? It’s the essential equivalent of having a gun placed to your head and knowing that there is absolutely, positively no means of escape.

Rita’s heroic escape is the stuff that action movies are made of. Share this incredible tale with your friends and family, so that more attention can be brought to the plight of pigs everywhere. They are much more intelligent creatures than we tend to realize.

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