This Picky Dog Won’t Eat Her Dry Food, So Dad Came Up With This Solution. LOL!


Sometimes dogs can really be a “pain in the ass” when it comes to food. I would advice all you new dog-owners to be very careful with your feeding schedule and menu of your little puppy. Once you feed your dog what he/she thinks as more delicious, then it will be really hard for you to feed him/her again the usual healthy dog food. I know that dog food looks a little to dry sometimes, or not delicious. Think of yourself. If you would have to eat a strict diet with healthy food, wouldn’t you ask for some fries, or chicken wings or pizza? Well this is exactly how I think of dog’s taste. They crave the “forbidden” or a type of food they can not have very often.

In the meanwhile I would like to give a round of applause for the guy in the is video. Looks like he found a hilarious approach to make his puppy believe that after the food has been “cooked” it tastes different. I know that it might look a little mean because of the tricking part, but what’s a picky eater’s daddy to do? If his girl feels like eating her food cooked, and when the meal is served Luna likes it, then he will keep on doing this trick every time she wants to eat a “cooked meal”.

If any of you has the same type of feeding problems with your puppies and/or dogs, then you might wanna give this a try. I strongly believe that it depends on the personality and character of the dog, but sometimes they all look the same for some reasons. Please don’t forget to hit the share button If you like this food trick. Your friends and family who already have a dog, should take a look at this!

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