This Piano Player Could NOT Believe A Young Girl Would Sing THIS On Stage… Unbelievable!


David Foster has reportedly been working with this young singer for some years. He is like the musical Sherlock Holmes, scouting out new talent and then piecing together each bit of serenaded evidence to create the final and arresting masterpiece of song-art! Who knew this small but largely influential song could be taken to new heights of glory and intrinsic beauty. Charice Pempengco has absolutely no stage freight or embarrassment, as she effortlessly engages the crowds by her performance. This song is sung and arranged with so much innate and aesthetic originality, that this performance is utterly jaw-dropping! If you think you will watch a segment of recorded musical-video, just trust and believe that this is way more. These two have accomplished something truly spectacular and greatly appreciated by the myriads of popular music fans.

It’s a mere fantasy of musical virtuosity to be able to qualify someone’s song and see it get more and more amazing as sung by other artists, as well. Charice and David Foster have tugged on the most sensitive heart-strings for all of us and made music history with this one re-arranged song. Celine Dion is impressively supported and kissed with the dew of the appreciation of generations to come. I think that in words that are supposed to be constructed to be definitive descriptions of what “real music” is and the way it captivates, can be understood by performances like these. This performance embodies that essence of cultural and national pride and creativity. It is renowned and symbolic.

Holding within itself the youth and character of years seasoned with the devotion and chemistry of a quiet piano player and his muse!

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