This Pet Store Replaced Its Animals With Shelter Animals. Watch What Happens…


The pet store depicted in this video decided to show people the error of their ways and give them the chance to bring home a shelter animal. Shelter animals tend to be much more loving and appreciative, as they know what it is like not to have a home or to have an owner who truly cares about them. The reactions of the pet store customers are priceless, as they come into the store, prepared to dole out money for a store bought pet, only to learn that the pets that they have chosen are actually free. You simply won’t see facial expressions like these anywhere else. Unable to believe their good fortune, several of the customers repeatedly ask if the free pets are for real, or if this is some sort of prank. Their skepticism is understandable, as most of them are used to the idea of spending large amounts of money for a new pet. What this pet store did took courage and allows people to experience new found empathy for what shelter animals are forced to live through each day.

There is no difference between a shelter animal and one that has been purebred. They both need to experience the same love and affection and shelter animals are known to be far more grateful for the opportunity to live in someone’s home. They know how hard life can be without a home to call their own and treat their owners with love and respect.

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