This paralyzed cat can’t walk. Now watch what happens when the dog enters the cage.


The kitty’s name is Ruth and she has been diagnosed with paralysis. The dog who has assigned herself as the cat’s protector is named Idgie. She is a small brown Dachshund puppy. She takes her responsibility as the protector of Ruth very, very seriously. Idgie maintains a watch over Rush at all hours of the day and night.

This dog’s dedication to its close friend is incredibly moving. When you watch this clip, you will have the opportunity to check out all the sweet things that Idgie does to ensure the safety of Ruth, which will surely make your heart melt, just a little bit.

When someone (or some kitty) does not have the ability to take care of themselves and remain protected on their own, ensuring their comfort and safety is one of our biggest responsibilities. Helping a friend who is in need, without expecting anything in return is one of the most noble deeds that one can do.

This adorable cat and dog were adopted together and provided with a forever home, thanks to the efforts of Hollywood Hounds. The gift of a loving family is a great reward for this adorable Dachshund’s loyalty to its fallen friend.

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