This panda will put a really big smile in your face. Here is why…


Panda’s are the silliest animals in this planet. Cute silly though. these animals are just a delight to humanity. IF you have ever been “obsessed” with panda’s, then you already know how playful they are. My sisters think that a panda would be a perfect companion in the worst days of our lives. The reason why? Because these animals are just amazing. They have no idea whatsoever what there is to do, they just try to have as much fun as they can. Personally I adore panda’s and I think that they are the cutest animals ever.

This video is about a silly panda that wants to do whatever it wants to do. I am guessing that this panda is in a zoo in here. I am not really sure about it, but it looks like a zoo to me. As you will see from the video, this panda wants to go mess around, and she never listens what the others have to say. This animal is really sure about what it wants to do, so there is no reason to listen what everybody has to say. If she says that he/she is going to slide, then sliding it is ladies and gentleman.

It is just soooo cute, and I can’t stop watching this video. It has been on replay for a little while now. The thing is that I have never meet a Panda. I have never been able to touch one, or feel its fluffy hair. They are so adorable, and chubby, and cute, and I can’t really resist them. IF you are a panda lover too, you can always find a way to put a smile on your face. Sometimes a silly video of a little rebel panda can make everything look OK for a little while. #WELOVEPANDAS

Source: Pawmygosh

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