This is what cats are willing to do for some attention! OMG


Cats are very jealous. I am not saying that dogs are not, but right now I am talking about cats. The cat I am about to show you is a really jealous one. If you have a cat, then you already know how they dislike it when you don’t pay attention. They want to have your attention at all times, and they should be the centre of your world. This is what cats are willing to do for some attention. Caution: Some of you might dislike what this cat does, but let me tell you that it did not cause any harm.

In this video you will see a toddler who might be around 13-15 months old, according to me, and a little jealous kitten. Both of them are having a beautiful day outside in the snow. Both of them are really enjoying themselves, especially the baby. The little baby looks really amazed of all the beauty around. The fact that he is a baby makes this whole walk way cuter. That’s the reason why its mother decided to film the whole first walk of her child into the snow. She could have ever thought about this:

The thing is that this cat does not like the extra attention this baby is getting. She feels really inferior, and she thinks of a way to draw some attention. Since she feels like the baby is the reason none is paying attention to her, she decided to push down the baby. She grabs him by his thick winter costume, and drags him down. The baby falls dow, but doesn’t cry. I only can imagine how jealous she was. But what can you do. This is what cats are willing to do for some attention.  You all cat lovers should watch out, once you get a cat, they should be the centre of your universe. If not, they will revenge :P For more information click on the video below, and tell me what do you think.

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Source: Pawmygosh

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