This Officer And Young Man Got An Amazing Surprise


What happened in this story is that an officer saw a young man walking in the middle of a road at 2 a.m. he decided to offer him a ride, just to help him out. It was cold outside, so it is a pretty basic type of help the officer can offer, but certainly amazing for the young man. But the officer went a little further and decided to get to know the young man.

The truth is this young man actually struggled for survival in this world, and as such, worked at McDonald’s just to pay for college and to send some money back home; he is a true warrior. He had to walk 4 miles every day just to get to work, and on top of that, he was taking a double major in college. The officer decided to post this young man’s story on Facebook to get some help from the community, and over time he did managed to get $7,000 to help out in the young man’s cause.

That is clearly amazing, but the act of helping a complete stranger to such an extent needed to be rewarded. This is why this officer and this young man got an amazing surprise when they told their story to Ellen. They both got some amazing financial aid in order for them to be able to survive and make ends meet. Life is though, and the fact that they both got rewarded just because an officer decided to help out a complete stranger makes my heart melt.

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