This Odd Mini Horse Was Going To Be Put Down. His Will To Live Is Truly Inspiring!


This tiny horse’s story will serve as an inspiration to you and yours, in ways that you were never able to imagine. This video tells the amazing story of Roozer Brews. Roozer is a miniature horse who is suffering from numerous health complications. His limbs are severely deformed, which makes it difficult to accomplish the simplest of tasks, such as standing up.

The young foal has a never say die attitude and refuses to give up, even in the face of overwhelming odds. The beginning of this video, when Roozer Brews is shown struggling to walk, will break your heart. But Roozer’s determination and will pay major dividends, as he begins to become stronger and stronger as time passes.

He does not allow these challenges to get him down. Watching little Roozer break into a trot around a living room makes one’s heart fill with joy. There is hope for the adorable little guy after all. He is clearly enjoying his toys and when it is time for a nap, he curls up on his little rug. From the looks of it, Roozer Brews is going to be okay after all.

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