This NICU Nurse Is About To Be Reunited With The Babies She Saved – Her Reaction Is Priceless


Nursing is one of the toughest professions in the world and the people who sacrifice their own lives to help others deserve all of the thanks and praise that we can muster. This nurse in this clip was able to receive some much deserved credit from the families of those she has helped and it is clearly evident to the viewer how much this outpouring of affection means to her.

This NICU nurse is named Renee and she works at the WellStar Kennestone Hospital, which is located in the state of Georgia, in the town of Marietta. Since she became a nurse, she has been responsible for the care of countless premature babies over the years.

When she sat down to watch a video, she was not told what it was about and had no inkling as to what she was going to see. As she watched the clip, her heart began to overflow with emotion. The video consisted of families thanking Renee for all of the hard work that she had done to ensure the health of their children.

The families poured their hearts out, speaking about Renee’s commitment to her job and her tireless efforts. They also talked about the role Renee had played in their children’s lives and how she had saved many children from an early grave.

If you would like to see the rest of Renee’s encounter with these grateful families, be sure to watch the rest of this clip. A video like these should also be shared with your friends and family, so post it on your Facebook wall, as well as your timeline on Twitter.

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