This Monkey Sits Down For A Bath. But Watch Until The Very End, LOL!


One of the amazing things about the monkey is that he just sits with his hands on the side of the sink and lets the lady do all the grooming without making a sound or doing anything. Monkeys are known for their grooming behaviors. One could imagine that the animal has become accustomed to the bathing and grooming ritual and enjoys it. The lady picks up two toothbrushes. One is electric and one is manual. She puts water on the toothbrushes from the sink tap. She puts toothpaste on the brushes. The lady hands the monkey the manual toothbrush with toothpaste on it and the monkey grabs the brush and brushes its teeth. You get a bit of warning about what is to come because you can hear the lady say that she is “going to get your toothpaste” to the monkey.

The little monkey pops the brush into its tiny mouth and brushes its teeth just like a person would. Amazing is not even a close description. It is stunning. No body that watches this video even expects this at all. You just do not see a monkey brush their teeth with a toothbrush every day. This is amazing and really funny. The monkey has obviously brushed its teeth before. The monkey brushes the back teeth and the inside of the teeth just like a human would. Now we know that the sippy cup has water in it so the monkey can rinse after brushing. Flossing might be a bit much to expect and no flossing is seen.

Obviously, the monkey has been trained by its owner but a monkey using a toothbrush has to one of the most outrageous animal behaviors you have ever seen.

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