This Might Be The ULTIMATE Breakfast Food. I’m Running To The Store Right Now!


Watch this video for a great alternative to your regular breakfast ideas. It is really quite easy to make. After the challah is cubed and stuffed in to muffin tin they show the ingredients needed to make the stuff to pour over the muffins. The basic ingredients include milk, sugar, six eggs, orange zest, vanilla and along with some others. If you watch this video you can find out the exact ingredients. After they mix all this up they pour over it over the bread in the muffin tins. The next thing they do is top off the mixture. The topping is a mix of light brown sugar and butter along with some cinnamon. Watch as they pour this mixture over the top and bake in the oven for twenty-five minutes at 350 degrees. Watch this video to get the exact ingredients to this delicious breakfast meal.

These muffins look so delicious at the end when they start pouring syrup over the French toast muffins. Watch this video and get the exact ingredients on this video. You won’t believe how good these muffins look on this video. This really looks good and not very hard to make.

French toast in a muffin that is simply amazing. This is a great video to watch to make something entirely different for breakfast. Two breakfast favorites come together in this great easy to make recipe.

When watching the start of this video you get to see this great looking braided Jewish bread. This bread is a work of art when you see it. Everybody likes French toast and muffins so why not try this great combination mixed together. In twenty-five minutes you can have this great tasting breakfast served with syrup.

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