This Man Just Adopted A Puppy And Tries To Explain The Rules. The Puppy’s Reaction? Hilarious


The good folks at Purina Puppy Chow and BuzzFeed teamed up to create a short clip that illustrates all of the changes that a man’s life goes through when he adopts a puppy. The story begins as many pet/owner stories do, with a chance meeting that leads to love at first sight After the adoption takes place, the man then brings the puppy to his domicile for the first time. He then strikes up a conversation with his new pal, so that he can learn more about his lifestyles, his likes and his dislikes. During the conversation, he actually discovers that his new buddy is a girl.

Although he thought it was a boy, this does not matter to the man and he names his new lady friend Chloe. From there, him and Chloe start to play and bond with one another. They play games, they chase each other throughout the house, they play the piano and begin to bond with one another.

The man begins to tell Chloe about his life and shows off different items in his house. He even tells her about his history and the type of work he does for a living. This clip displays all of the attendant responsibilities that come with being a pet owner. Proper feeding habits, teaching them how to go to the bathroom outdoors, these are important aspects to take care of early.

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