This Man Is Homeless – What The Dog Does Filled My Eyes With Tears


This video about homeless pets is inspiring. There are photos of all the dogs and cats and they have something in common. Their owners are homeless and this means that they are, too. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t loved. Many of them are loved more. Pets are capable of unconditional love and it is their love that keeps the homeless going. The owners and the pets are taking care of each other and it can bring you to tears.

Watching a man and a dog cuddling on the street is absolutely heartbreaking. What you may not realize is that many of the abandoned dogs and cats are being taken in by the homeless. Further, many of the shelters, hostels, and day centers will not accept homeless people who have pets. This means they are sacrificing their shelter and their own food to take care of their pets. And they are happy to do so.

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