This Little Puppy Overcoming His Fear Of Stairs Will Make Your Day So Much BETTER!!!


Challenges are often a matter of perspective and clips like these only serve to prove that point. While it is easy to look at the cute little Corgi and assume that he should be able to make it up the stairs with relative ease, the same could be said about the challenges that we choose to magnify, instead of diminish.

Peanut Butter is absolutely terrified of heading down these stairs. They are long and steep and his whimpers and whines only make matters worse. But deep down inside, he knows that this is a journey that he must take on his own.

At long last, he clears the first step, making his first jump. Once he realizes that it is not so bad, he clears the second step. While it would seem that he is already beginning the conquer this challenge, his momentum begins to slow. His fear has begun to rear its ugly head once again.

But the key to overcoming any fear lies within one’s ability to take it one step at a time. Peanut Butter does not know this yet, but he has already managed to overcome the most difficult part of all, which is taking that first step. Will this brave little Corgi be able to overcome the remainder of his challenge? Take a moment to watch the rest of this clip, so that you can find out for yourself!

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