This Little Girl Has Down’s Syndrome. She Did Not Let It Stop Her.


The story of Madison Tevelin is one that should truly inspire us all. The next time you think you cannot do something, this little girl will provide an all-important reminder that anything is possible. She is a testament to the power of positive thought and always believing in yourself.This child was told that she would never be able to accomplish her dreams. Madison did not listen to the people who told her that she would have limited capabilities. Instead, she turned these comments into the fuel she needed to motivate herself. Her unstoppable will and the unflinching support of her loved ones gave her the tools she needed to achieve all of her wildest dreams. Madison Tevelin is living proof that you do not have to allow the circumstances of your life to define you. You create your own path and you do not have to simply accept your fate. When a child is able to continue working and not allow Down syndrome to keep her from her dreams, this is an inspirational tale that should touch a special place inside all of us.


Down syndrome experts told Madison that she would never be able to sing. All of the medical research associated with Down syndrome concurred with this prognosis. Most children would have allowed this information to get them down and used it as an excuse to give up on their dreams. Not Madison, however. She took one look at the odds stacked against her and decided that she would not only survive, but that she would thrive. Even though she needs to exert twice the effort as the average person when it comes time to speak, let alone sing, she did not let this fact deter her ambitions. Despite the fact that Down syndrome makes it incredibly difficult for her to find the correct pitch, she worked with a voice coach and learned how to master the pitch she needed.
Even though she had to work much harder than the average person and had no shortage of barriers to keep her from true success, take a listen to her rendition of the John Legend smash hit “All Of Me”. Her bravery and refusal to accept failure serve as a powerful beacon to us all. Her incredible spirit and will inspires others to continue chasing their dreams, no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem.

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