This Little Boy Call Him This Cop Dad,Watch What The COP Does! INCREDIBLE!


This is a truly fine example of what people dedicated to the betterment of society in the place they live can do. The school officer program was initiated after the Sandy Hook catastrophe. Gibson began as a volunteer but rapidly found a “calling” in his duties as a school officer and took on the job full time. The policeman claims he could at least make a real difference in one child’s life. While warned that the boy had behavior problems and was deemed unadoptable by experts, Gibson and his wife went through months of certification and inspection in order to add this child to their other three children.

This short video puts the police in a completely different light than most news reports.

Anyone that sees this touching true story needs to share it with their friends on social media. You might consider sending a copy to your local police and schools that your children attend.

The police have a tough job. This video proves that policemen are just not a badge or an authority figure. Policemen are real people that feel just like everyone else.

This one man made a difference in a child’s life that is irreplaceable. The fact that he was a policeman appears to be secondary.

This video will make you feel good. Send it to any cop you know and make their day. This minute and one-half video may be one of the best ever made that can restore you faith in the goodness of people as well as a belief that the police really do serve and protect.

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