This Kitten Finds An Unexpected Guest On His Front Porch. Now Watch What Happens Next…


Watching this kitten poke and prod at the deer, in a valiant effort to get its attention, is one of the most hilarious sights you will see in some time. Even when the kitten bats it on top of the head and begins to climb on it, the deer remains perfectly still and emotionless. Why the deer tolerates this type of behavior is a mystery to us.

The cat continues to become more aggressive with his interrogation as time passes. He sniffs the deer and licks its head. At a loss for answers, Miro lays down and tries to mimic the deer’s resting position. But this does not last for too long, as the cat goes right back to trying to play with its newfound buddy. Miro simply doesn’t care if the baby deer is willing or not, he is going to roughhouse with it, regardless.
For those who are worried about the condition of the deer, fear not. The animal is not injured or experiencing any sort of physical discomfort during its encounter with Miro. As a matter of fact, the deer was less than two days old when this video was shot and was able to be reunited with its mother shortly after filming.

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