This kid lines up the balls on the pool table. What he does next is unbelievable!


We see a pool table and a kid and think, “Pool game”. But the kid in this video shows us a series of moves that makes us scratch our heads in wonder! If we were to break this down, we can say he is using geometry and trigonometry. We can assume he was born with some supernatural eye-hand coordination. But to him, he is doing what he does and he does it well!

There are techniques this young man had to have learned to master these tricks. But regardless, he has excellent control and skill. Another skill that must be mastered to be this good is concentration. A pool player must be able to be still and to completely focus and concentrate on the shot. This skill is not easy for any aged person, but very difficult for teens. Getting back to the basics; his problem solving abilities are very good and whether he knows it or not his math skills are impressive. There is no telling where he will take his young mind in the future. He will probably have the ability to become a scientist, a professor or a doctor. Or maybe, he will just go on to be a world champion pool player. Whatever he decides to be, his mental ability and skills will take him there seamlessly.

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