THIS Is Why You Can NEVER Give Up On Your Dog… WOW!


Athena is such an inspiration to all of us because of what she has been through. Athena was a really healthy, and happy canine. She used to live with her parents. When her parents went to their honeymoon, they left her home. But their life would change forever when they got back from that honeymoon. The reason why? Their puppy Athena. She got paralyzed, and was diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome. All her four limbs were paralyzed, which rendered her unable to walk.
When they took her to the doctor, the surgeon said that her prognosis was most likely terminal. If the dog didn’t move for at least three weeks, then it would be impossible for her to recover. Athena’s parents decided to try everything that could help her walk again. They tried different therapies, massages, but nothing seemed to work. Four months passed, and there was no progress whatsoever. I am guessing it was such a stressful situation for her parents. It is really sad to watch your beloved pet go through so much.

But then this miracle happened. Athena started to use her limbs little by little. She started to walk, while someone was holding her. I know that it was not a huge progress, but hey she started using her limbs. It was only a matter of time, until she recovered fully. She is now a healthy dog, living with her happy family. It is really amazing to see how much things can change. There was no hope for her, but she still believed that everything would turn back to normal. And it actually did. As they say at the end of the video, Athena is the best example to follow. She is screaming laud to the world: “Never give up.” There is always hope people! Share with your friends and family. everyone needs to see this!

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