Why God Created Dogs. Here’s A Video Every Dog Lover Should See!


If you are a dog person you certainly know how much your canine friend means to you. A lot of people don’t understand the amazing amount of love a person can have for a dog, and the amazing amount of love a dog can have for a person. Bottom line is, there is an extremely huge bond between humans and dogs, and for some great reasons. Dogs are out best friends for a huge number of reasons. One of these reasons is that they have our back, they will defend us no matter what and if they don’t defend us, it’s just because they’re not there. The truth is, dogs don’t care about the size of the threat, and they don’t really care if they are in danger as well: when you’re in trouble, they will be barking and fighting right by your side.

As If that wasn’t enough, they can also mimic your emotions and even though they don’t have the ability to talk to you and to have a meaningful conversation, they do however try to understand you to the best of their ability. Based on the body language you have and on the tone of voice you are using, a dog is going to try and figure out what’s up with you and act accordingly. If you’re sad they are going to try and cheer you up, and if you’re happy they will want to have some fun with you.

On top of all that, dogs know how to live their live in a way that they’ll be happy throughout it. Dogs behave without being worried about things we are constantly worried about such as our existence, why we’re here, if we’re good enough or not and all that. Plus, they don’t worry about paying the bills or building up a resume. All dogs really want to do is be with who they love and do what they love.

These are just a few short examples of why dogs are some of the most amazing creatures alive on our planet and why they are our best friends. This video talks about why God created dogs and, well, all we can say is that it certainly knows what its talking about since it does get to the point in a very humorous and yet very honest way. So honest that you will want to laugh while you feel like crying – that is how emotional the video can get.

At the end of the day, God put dogs on the earth to show us what real love is. Unconditional, pure, wanting nothing in return; that is the way a dog loves you. I’m sorry to say this, but Hollywood has nothing on dogs.
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