This is what this Pit-Bull does every-day early in the morning. I am wondering if he ever sleeps!


An owner decided to put a hidden camera in his drawer in order to see what his Pit-Bull was up to early in the morning. It is a really good idea actually because I am really curious to see what my dog is up to every day while I am sleeping. Since my dog is a little troublemaker I assume that she is always sniffing around, and see if there is something in the house that she can destroy. :P At least this dog looks like a grown up, and destroying the house is not her thing I guess. All she wants is some attention from her owner.

So the girl goes to the bed, and stands right at the side of the bed, and starts yawning. She knows that daddy will hear her, and she hopes that maybe he will be gentle to wake up and spend a little time with her. The thing is he does not want to wake up since 4:57AM. This is the first time when she goes and makes the first attempt to wake up her daddy. But she is like an Alarm on Snooze. Then she goes to her bed when he tells her to do so.

She comes two more times, and makes the attempts to wake up her daddy. This girl needs some love and attention first thing in the morning. Looks like her days don’t feel the same when her daddy doesn’t have the time to play a little bit with her before heading to work. The second time she goes at the bed, it is 5:15AM. To her it looked like an eternity I am guessing, but daddy again refused to get up. Lastly she goes one more time at 5:35AM and that was when she achieved her goal. Daddy was about to get up, and she could not be any happier. Look at her, and tell me: does your dogs do the same to you?

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