This Is One Dedicated Pet Owner That Turned His House Into Disneyland For Cats


Peter Cohen is a pet owner that absolutely loves his cats and cats of all types. While many of us might include a scratching post or some type of ramp system for cats to play on and roost, Peter Cohen took things a step further and turned his entire home into the ultimate cat playland. While this series of ramps, scratching posts, plants, catwalks, tunnels and roosts may have taken over his home Peter says that he doesn’t mind living in this environment one bit and that his 15 rescue cats absolutely love spending time in their Playland. The house really does belong to the cats at this point and all 15 of them absolutely love Peter’s company and the new designs that he works on for the cat playland. This is a video that you have to see to believe with cats of all shapes and sizes enjoying a one-of-a-kind home dedicated entirely to their fun and activities.

The series of ramps and fun perches not only keep the cats entertain but it also keeps them well exercised. Peter suggests that he wouldn’t be able to have as many cats without the catwalks either. The house would simply be too full with the space area he has, but by keeping cats walking around and roosting in the ceiling, and tunnels through the floors and more they keep busy and he feels extremely comfortable even though he has over 15 rescue cats in the house. All of the typical scratching posts, litter boxes and food dishes are also kept somewhat separate to prevent any kind of territorial behavior and to let the cats each have their own little personal space. You have to see this amazing idea and a whole house that’s dedicated to the life of cats.

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