This is an adorable video of a dog rescuing her teddy bear from laundry day


Have you ever noticed how much dogs love their toys? They het really attached to their puppies, and they get really angry when someone touches their “property.” If you have never noticed, dogs always come to you when you touch their precious toys. For example my little tiny dog, has a lot of toys and she wants to have them all for herself. IF you touch her toys, then she will come right at you, barking as laud as she can. Her favorite toy is Sponge Bob, and until a little while ago, Sponge Bob was bigger than she was. Still she used to carry him around, like a trophy :P

The following video will show you how obsessed with their toys, dogs are! In this video looks like mommy got this Lab’s teddy bear to give it a bath. And by “giving it a bath” I mean washing it. Well since this adorable canine can’t live without her companion, she goes and gets the teddy bear from the washing machine. First Thing that came into my mind was that she is in love with that teddy bear. I mean seriously when no one’s home this teddy bear is her companion. These two spend a lot of time together, so obviously she can’t imagine life without her beloved friend.

When this Lab finds her teddy bear inside the washing machine, she just grabs it and walks away like nothing happened. I think that to her this was like a rescuing plan. Her teddy bear disappeared she looked around the house, and first thing she does when she finds it, is rescuing the poor toy. As soon as she rescues her teddy bear, she just walks away like it is the most normal thing. How adorable you guys think she is? Such a smart canine!

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