This Husky Video is The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen All Day – by FAR.


The internet is filled with many adorable animal videos. Many people find these videos to be extremely amusing and are sure to find delight every time they see a video of beautiful animals doing silly things. From raccoons to cats to dogs animals fill us with delight when we watch them on the internet. This is one of the cutest videos to come out in years and it features two beautiful huskies.

Laika and Mishka are beautiful huskies that live together. Normally, these huskies get along quite well, but on the day of this video, the two huskies were engaged in an extremely talkative argument. This argument gets quite intense.

At the start of the video one of the huskies is on an ottoman and is clearly resting. The other husky appears to want something from the husky that is resting on the ottoman. The husky is unresponsive so they begin to argue.

Throughout the video the room is filled with the sound of their yips. These yips are subtitled to show the conversation. The conversation appears to be very realistic. The subtitles make it appear that the huskies are discussing what to do. The husky on the ottoman is trying to convince the husky that they should go do something, while the lazy husky is making it clear that he does not want to go anywhere. They continue to argue about the video and the active husky continues to ask more and more questions so as to possible get the husky to leave. The yips make the subtitles sound so real.

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