This Huge Newfoundland found the best game ever for himself, and his little pal. So adorable


Have you guys ever had a Newfoundland? Personally I haven’t, but I have read a little about them, and I can say that they are considered to be extremely beautiful, huge, gentle, and very playful with everyone. I have seen a couple of videos before of Newfoundlands, and from what I understood, they could be best friends with smaller animals. I guess they really enjoy to have a smaller companion they can play with. In the video below you will see that this huge Newfoundland found the best game ever for himself and his little pal.

The video is very shot, and pretty much this is what happens in this video: The big, beautiful Newfoundland has a little terrier buddy, whom he loves so very much. Since he wants to show to his little friend how much he loves him, this Newfoundland decides to invent a brand new fun game for the two of them. The game is pretty easy and lots of fun! The huge dog grabs the little one by the scruff of his neck, and runs around the backyard.

The little buddy enjoys the ride his huge buddy provided for him. You can tell by his tongue hanging out, and by his little smiley eyes. In the end who wouldn’t enjoy a ride for free! Especially when your best friend is the one who is giving you the ride. Watching these two haven the time of their life is the best thing ever. I think it is the best feeling in the world to have two dogs who get along perfectly with one another. At least I think that this is the best gift for the family who has them. If you have ever had, or have two dogs, then you know that the best thing that could happen, is watching the two of them getting along with each other. The following duo will show you all how it should be done.

Source: Littlethings

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