This Horse Was Tangled In Barbed Wire. Until This Rescue Group Does THIS To Save Him.


This horse’s name is Rudy. By the time the rescue team was finally able to extricate him from his barbed wire prison, he had spent a harrowing two days trapped, with no means of escape. Can you imagine being stuck in such a painful position for that length of time? The horse suffered dearly during this time period and had sustained many injuries by the time he was finally freed.

Not only was his body riddled with deep cuts and gashes, but his eyelids could barely be opened, since they were filled with bloody wounds of their own. His ears had even been chopped off and it really makes you wonder what kind of sick, twisted, sadistic human would treat an innocent animal this way.

Seeing a horse in this diminished state is heartbreaking and may reduce some viewers to tears, so consider this a warning. Other viewers may end up frothing with rage, vowing vengeance on the person who decided to do this to a creature who could not have done anything to deserve this abuse.

The rescue team freed Rudy and brought him with them, so that they could give him the treatment and care that he so desperately needed.

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