This Horse Is To Be Slaughtered. When She Looks Into His Eyes? I Lost It.


One of the saddest aspects of a horse’s life is the inevitable trip to the slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, slaughtering horses is a profitable business and as soon as a horse outlives its usefulness, it is shipped off to become someone else’s dinner entree. Slaughterhouses often hold auctions, where bidders can come and purchase the horse of their choice, sending it away to be killed. Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue is often the only thing that stands between these beautiful, majestic creatures and certain death. These heroes attend the very same auctions and select horses that they feel are deserving of survival. Draft Horse Rescue saves these horses by outbidding those who wish to kill the horses and raises their bids until they are slightly above the meat price.

After the horses have been purchased at auction and saved from an untimely demise, the creatures are then transported to a spacious farm, located in Mount Airy, Maryland. They are free to roam around, run, play and be free, without having to worry about being turned into dinner. Should one of the horses become ill, they are quarantined for at least three weeks.

At Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, a dedicated medical staff is on hand to take care of sickly horses. They take the time necessary to evaluate the individual needs of each horse and learn about their specific personality. The medical staff also spends time learning about the horses’ level of training under the saddle and on the ground.

The joy that the medical staff receives from helping these horses who are in need is palpable. Their smiles are infectious and viewers of this clip will have no choice but to smile right along with them. One staff member says that the smile on their face has not left since they arrived at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

After the completion of the quarantine process, the horses are then placed into homes where they will be adopted, loved and cared for. This is a responsibility that is not taken lightly by the rescue staff. Their main objective is to ensure that the horses will never be made to suffer again. These horses are only placed with the best families, those who promise to care for and love them for the rest of their days.

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