This Horse Was Set To Be Slaughtered. But Wait Till You See This Miracle…


This video is all about a horse that has been neglected. Pregnant, sick, and in poor conditions this horse was pretty much supposed to be slaughtered, but things changed during the video and at the end of it we can see a miracle.

The horse was pregnant. The first thing that was done for her was to take care of the amount of parasites she had. Since she was pregnant and not being well taken care of, the risks of being pregnant increased for her. She had a respiratory infection, but it was taken care of.

Fortunately there are passionate people out there who really care about animals and that decided to take care of them. Sometimes they don’t even charge anything to take care of the animals, they just take care of them because them want to see them well taken care of and happy – that is amazing.

The expenses in this video were paid for by donors who wanted to save lives. There’s no way to thank them, but there’s a place in heaven for them.

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