This Heroic Police Dog Did His Duty. Now He CLINGS To Life.


On any given day, most people find themselves looking around their cities and towns and finding a spot in their heart for the law enforcement that makes sure they can walk the streets, during the day and night, safely. With the crime rates higher than they’ve ever been, police are more important now than they’ve ever been, if that’s even possible, and on a constant basis people are giving their gratitude and thanks to the officers who protect and serve.

But there are a few fellow officers that don’t get as much recognition as their partners in combating crime- the K9 unit. Police dogs are some of the quickest and toughest animals that exist in our world today, probably due to the extensive training they go through in order to sniff out drugs, help find lost kids, and stop shooters and burglars in their track. The adorable addition to the police force is mandatory, as dog’s sense of smell is far beyond anything man could ever accomplish. On top of that, dog’s speed and agility help aid the process of protecting the city they were born to serve.

One police dog in particular, named Jethro, was doing his job the best way he knew how when he took a unfortunate hit. Known as one of the best dogs on the K9 team, Jethro was minding his own business when he entered onto a scene of an armed robbery. Understanding the threat that was taking place to the people of his city, Jethro was ready to attack, and did just that. The burglar turned shooter, however, felt the power Jethro had in his run and bite and counteracted with three shots in his abdomen. While we have since found out that the shooter has been apprehended and is in custody awaiting trial, Jethro is fighting for his life each breath at a time, making us want to give a thanks to all of the police dogs that dedicate their lives to situations just like this one. Taking place in Canton, Ohio, this robbery went unsuccessful, giving a little bit of recognition to the pup that saved the day, that at the very least, it ended in a victory for the side of the law.

His entire unit, people and dog’s alike, loved Jethro and his fellow human officer commenting on the burglary and shooting proved this. According to the officer, he believes Jethro will pull through from this injury, both because of the dog’s fight to live, his strength and endurance, and how quickly he was able to get medical attention. No matter what stands in Jethro’s way, we’re sure he’ll be ready to fight more crime shortly, while we nod our head in recognition of his amazing work.

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