This Guy Shone His Flashlight In The Dark… And Saw The Most Incredible Thing.


When it comes to public awareness, pit bulls have secured an infamous position in our society in recent times. Due to their unscrupulous breeding and the negative media attention they are now often associated with, bans have been placed on pits and pit mixes in the states and even beyond the US. Pit bulls are social friendly dogs – once considered to be less aggressive to people. They have a solid reputation when it comes to interacting with humans. However, there have been a drift from good to bad as these awesome creatures tend to attract irresponsible owners who are only interested in owning them for the purpose of protection and fighting. Shelters are finding it difficult to cope with the influx of obstinate and contumacious pit bull dogs as a result of their rapid increase.

Found as an abused Pit Bull, Cadence is one of thousands of such dogs who luckily regained freedom and was able to pull through a second chance. She was able to get back on her feet and live a normal life. It all started when a distress call was sent across to an animal rescue organization – Hope For Paws, from Lisa Chiarelli whose friends had found an injured dog on the street and had stalked it for about two hours until it finally collapsed in a dark alley.

Out of pity and compassion they had for the injured canine, they remained with her until her rescuers arrived at the scene. Contrary to expectations, she was calm and gentle. Her rescuers never had to undergo any difficult process to tame her and convince her to come with them. Candice voluntarily let herself to be leached by allowing the rope pass round her neck without expressing any form of agitation or negative reaction. She also agreed to be caressed on the head as one of the rescuers gently rubbed his hands on her forehead. This must have given her some moments of relief.

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