This Guy Secretly Films His Mom and Posts It On The Internet. Watching This Video Tore My Heart Up.


The video begins by showing the viewer an overview of Eva’s life. She was born in 1946, in the Czech Republic and has since migrated to Norway, where she now lives. Her astrological sign is Cancer and she is 68 years old. After including this basic information, he begins to delve into the more interesting facts about his mother. Her interests are incredibly varied, as she enjoys swimming, tennis, spending time in nature, ski trips (both downhill and cross country), yoga, relaxation in the sun, art projects, beer, riding bikes, travel, joking around, dancing, hanging out with close friends and caring for her family.
By showing his mother participating in all of her favorite activities, the viewer gets a true sense of Eva’s spirit and gets to know what she is all about. Her feminine grace, active lifestyle, fit physique and natural charm are on display. Eva is clearly a fun loving woman and it shows in this video.
The video allows the viewers to catch a glimpse of Eva in her natural environment and shows off her sense of humor. She is shown talking and laughing with her close friends and family, even frolicking with a hula hoop! Even when she falls off of her bicycle, she gets right back up and laughs it off immediately.
Her ability to laugh at herself and not take life too seriously shines through in her son’s video. At the conclusion of the film, we also get to see Eva’s reaction. When his mother asks him what he is going to do with the footage, her face lights up when he says he is going to upload it to YouTube.

If you are watching this video and think you have Eva’s perfect match, don’t be shy about reaching out. A letter or a photo can be sent to Should you catch this special woman’s eye, you will be hearing back! And be sure to share this video with your friends and family.

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