This Guy Put An iPhone In His Guitar And Started Playing. What It Captured Is Incredible!


Watch this video as this guitar player captures the oscillation of the strings. You can’t believe what these guitar strings really look like. The visual effect on viewing the strings from inside the guitar is totally awesome. This patterns and shapes the strings form are totally unexpected. Watch as he places an iPhone below the strings to capture this magic. The camera is pointed up to the strings and there is the beautiful blue sky above. It seems the light is reflecting the oscillation of the strings and creating this special visual effect. You have to see it to believe it. The oscillating strings play a magical effect when captured in this blue sky light. This video reminds of all the medical lines that change as you’re watching them. It also looks like some kind of graph in business. Whatever the science behind this, physics will explain the changing shape of the lines. I would guess the changing string oscillations by the guitar player is creating this along with the full spectrum of light available. I don’t know this for sure just making an educated guess.

If you’re a scientist you can explain this phenomenon but it sure is fun to watch the magic in this video. Watch as there are so many turns and twists of these guitar strings as he strums his guitar. It really is so amazing watching all the different designs that come from this simple strumming of a guitar. Watch this video as all the action is caught on an iPhone. I can watch this over and over and catch something different.

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