This Guy Hiked 350 Feet Down A Canyon. What He Saw Hit Him Like Nothing Before… Unreal.


Zak Anderegg was hiking a deep Canyon area in Page, Arizona when he found Riley. Riley is a dog who was discovered in a deep part of the canyon where the light hardly reaches. Watch how Riley is saved and transformed back into a healthy part of Zak’s family. This is an incredible story about how Zak found this dog still alive in a hole that was narrow and 350 feet deep.

Zak was hiking this canyon area when he ventured deep below. What Zak discovered while he was there is simply amazing. A blackish colored dog looking to be still a puppy was found deep in this narrow canyon. Zak couldn’t believe what he had found in that narrow hole way down under. Zak didn’t have a clue to how he ended up there but he thought there was no way he got there by himself.

Watch this video as you see Zak saving Riley and then claiming that the dog helped to save him. Zak even ends up writing a book about this adventure. Zak has to get Riley out of this hole which is 350 feet deep. See how Zak keeps him alive and returns the next day to rescue him in this hole. Zak is from the state of Utah. Zak brings back his ATV, rope and a carrier. It is an amazing rescue getting him out of that deep canyon hole.

In this video you will see how he does it. It really is no easy task getting him out of there. Zak manages to get Riley out and he is a very weak puppy as you will see. This event seems to be a life changing one for Zak as he even goes on to write a book called “Saving Myself”. You have to see how this dog has changed Zak’s life. Zak takes his new found friend with him to where he is from Salt Lake City Utah. With the help of Zak’s companion and other dog, Riley makes a full recovery.

Watch how Riley slowly is nursed back to health and given a new lease on life. With the help of the vet and some great care the skinny Riley becomes a healthy dog again. Zak’s story is so popular that it makes it to the popular talk shows like the Today Show and Ellen Show. See How Ellen ends up giving them a lifetime supply of dog food.

This story is even more amazing when you find out how Zak is affected by having Riley come into his life. The effect this event and Riley have on Zak shows us how much animals can change our lives. This story shows us how we need them and they need us just the same. We need something in our lives that makes us feel worthwhile and that is what Riley has done.

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