This Guy Came Up With A Genius Way To Clean His Great Dane. Wait Until You See This…


What if your dog was a Great Dane? What if he was taller than you are? Is there a tub large enough to bathe him? In the following video, you will see one couples ingenious solution to this problem. Dad, wearing swim trunks takes the Great Dane to the alley outside the kitchen window. They have the dog raise up putting his paws on the window frame. Mom is inside with her kitchen sprayer. She is high enough to provide a great shower effect. She sprays and dad washes the dog and rinses. You will notice, on his back feet, the Great Dane is taller than dad! But he seems to be enjoying his spa treatment.

Yes, dad gets wet. No matter where you bathe your dog, you will get wet. But his way, when the dog is finished he can step up and let mom spray him off as well. Add a little soap and water and he’s as fresh as a daisy. The Great Dane can shake water to his heart’s content in the alley and not get a drop on the carpet or furniture. We all have our challenges when it comes to our pets. The sign of a true animal lover is his ability to find a solution to his challenge. Like people, we don’t give up on an animal because he has issues we are not expecting.

Our hat goes off to this creative couple in coming up with methods to care for the Great Dane. One look at this big guy shows you he is happy and well cared for. We are proud, nothing will make this dad give up on his pet and we are confident, nothing will make the dog give up on him either!

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