This Greyhound Kept Moving His Bed Each Morning. When I Saw Why, I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!


You have to watch the video to see why he is doing this. Once you realize why, it will have you howling with laughter! His owners may move into another room. Mr. Fry will then pull his bed beside him in order to be able to rest at their side. He is always comfortable because he takes his bed wherever he goes. Mr. Fry is a prime example of how loyal dogs can be. He is part of the family, even if he has four legs. Mr. Fry calls the Sunrise Senior Living in Tucson home. He’s not a senior, but he is a therapy dog for the seniors who live there. He can often be seen taking a nap or lying in the sun. He is also responsible for bringing comfort to all of the people who are within the senior living homes in the area.

The video is less than 30 seconds long and it will be priceless for you to watch. When you are looking for a beam of sunshine on your day, you won’t want to miss it. It has already gone viral with many people sharing it and talking about how they love dogs more than humans because of things like this. Have you ever seen a dog pick up his bed and move it around like Mr. Fry? What do you think about what he is doing? Watch the video and then share on Facebook now. It can make someone’s day when you do!

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