This Great Dane Throws A Temper Tantrum That Takes A Hysterical Turn 1:38 In.


Watch as Dinky the Great Dane growls at his master repeatedly as his brother is getting all the attention. It is so funny to watch dogs act just like humans. Their emotions are just like ours. This video is hilarious and you will be lol. Dinky sounds just like a bratty little kid. Dinky moans and groans as his brother Ro-Ro gets all the attention. It is amazing how animals are so much like us. Their emotions and sensitivity mirror our behavior. Watch as this dog does something so funny near the end of the video. You can’t believe what the dog does. This big ole Great Dane does a belly flop.

This is so funny you will be lol.Watch as Dinky the Great Dane puts up a fit. His brother Ro-Ro is getting all the attention and Dinky doesn’t like it. Watch this and you will laugh right along with the owners in this video. The owner keeps telling Dinky that his brother Ro-Ro deserves a turn but Dinky won’t hear of it they argue back and forth just like humans. Dinky just keeps yakking as he sits on the couch. His owner just keeps saying sit down and give Ro-Ro a chance.


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