This Golden Retriever Pup Has A New Furry Friend And They Love Each Other!


The internet has become a wonderful place to watch animals of all kinds in their natural habitat, and sometimes we do get to see different species of animals connect in one way or another. These two seem destined to become lifelong friends, if this video is any gauge.

We don’t always get a chance to see behavior like this. Having puppies and kittens together in a home would definitely give possibilities of seeing almost anything! But for those who don’t have these pets in their homes, it’s so wonderful to watch and still be able to feel the warm, fuzzy feelings that puppies and kittens give to everyone just by being who they are!

This kitten seems very happy to be on the receiving end and the puppy seems to have some great maternal instincts. They are so much fun to watch! For anyone who is down or just not feeling themselves, this video could be the real cure! You can’t help but smile at their every move together. There is nothing but love and friendship between these two and it’s a joy to see over and over again.

The human race can learn so much from these two. It definitely doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. You can be as different as night and day. But friendships and love can still blossom if you let it!

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