This German Shepherd Just Ate, But What He Does Next Is Priceless!


German shepherds are known for their bizarre eating habits. Some might call these dogs bottomless pits and they just never seem to get full, even when their owners take the time to feed them on a regular basis. The German shepherd in this video is a prime example of this. He’s just been fed, but the expression on his face as he continues to beg for more food is absolutely priceless.

Once the man in the video begins to talk to the dog, his ears perk straight up. He seems to think that additional food supplies are imminent. He stares at his owner longingly and if he could telepathically force him to provide more food, he probably would. Poor Apollo. All he wants is another dish of food to replace the one he wolfed down without thinking.

If you would like to see how the rest of this stare down plays out, then be sure to watch this clip in its full entirety. Apollo is certainly not going to back down anytime soon and once you see the extent of his begging routine, you’ll be hard pressed not to watch the video again and again.

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