This Fluffy Cat Has A Unlikely Friend…An Iguana! This Is Just Oh My…


Observing how relaxed and composed the iguana really seems to be whenever the cat cuddles right up next to him, makes us to begin to wonder and ask ourselves if two wrongs can make a right. That even when the cat comes around to holds him close to his side, he (iguana) does not even feel like making any attempt to run away or escape. This shows the high level of trust and confidence the lizard has got in the cat.
Even as the cat snuggles with his buddy, the lizard remains very cool in all circumstances. Together, they enjoy the little silver of sunlight while they get ready to take a nap. If it were one of those days in the wild, this feline would have known that the bearded lizard is not a play thing after it must have received a tail lash on its face from the iguana while on the other hand, a few scratches from the cat’s paw would have made the iguana to take the right escape route.

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