This Fearless Man Comforts A Gorilla Who Just Lost Her Dear Mom…


If you were to ask most animal photographers about their experiences, most of them would tell you that they’ve developed a serious love and affection for the creatures that they snap photos of. Animal photographers know how to truly communicate with their subjects and are able to tell when they are going through emotional turmoil.

Humans are not the only ones who experience pain. Animals are also capable of suffering from acute emotional distress, but it can be difficult for the average person to notice. This story is about one special park ranger who saw an animal who was hurting and decided to intervene.

Image Credit: Facebook / Virunga National Park

Patrick Karabranaga knew that this poor gorilla had just lost his mother and he could not sit idly by and watch the animal suffer alone. No one deserves to be left by themselves after a loved one passed away and this gorilla is certainly no different.


Image Credit: Facebook / Virunga National Park

The gorilla lost its mother to poachers and was heartbroken beyond belief. Losing your mother in such a violent and senseless manner would take the wind out of anyone’s sails and this majestic beast was no different. This amazing photograph was captured at the Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo and showcases the ability of a gorilla to seek solace in the comfort of humans.


Image Credit: Facebook / Virunga National Park

The ranger has spent enough time with the animal to know when he needed to be comforted and realize his body language. Thanks to poachers, mountain gorillas are losing family members on a consistent basis and their population has shrunk considerably.


Image Credit: Facebook / Virunga National Park

Each day, tens of thousands of rain forests are cut down to make room for human development, which only serves to further displace the mountain gorilla population. As humanity continues to progress, these advances only make it easier for poachers to track these gorillas and cause them serious and fatal harm.

While some activists have banded together, in an effort to keep these gorillas safe, a photograph like this serves as a reminder that we have a long way to go in this department. The land should belong to all of us, but humans have always seen themselves and their goals as being more important, a mentality that needs to left behind so that we can all prosper together.


Image Credit: Facebook / Virunga National Park

Sadly put, we are encroachers as this land belongs to all of us species of the Beautiful Earth, in equal amounts. Feminism still hasn’t made sense to half the population on this planet, hence I wonder if trees have any a chance amidst us. Fight deforestation now and

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