This Father Has Triplets, But When They Get Into The Minivan? I Lost It


The dad in this video is having such a great time raising his young triplets and his two preschool aged children, he decided to create a parody video for us to enjoy. Do you remember the LMFAO smash hit “Sexy and I Know It”? After seeing this dad’s parody, which is entitled “I’m a Daddy and I Know It”, you will never be able to hear that song in the same way again. This proud father picked the perfect song to display the love, joy and affection that he feels for his children. Many parents would buckle under the constraints of raising five little kids, but this dad has allowed the pressure that would normally bust pipes to turn him into a diamond. He clearly enjoys spending time with his children and all of the extra duties that the job entails. Even something as simple as cleaning up around the house is given a unique spin and begins to look fun to the viewer. He does the laundry, picks up after the children, puts their toys away, feeds them their meals, reads bedtime stories and handles all of these tasks with a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

A family’s love for each other does not have to become diminished by the boredom of completing daily mundane tasks. These kids are having the time of their lives hanging out with Dad while he handles business. The memories that they are in the process of creating will always be remembered with great fondness. Perhaps the family can get together and create a remix once the kids have had a chance to become older?

All of the dads out there will certainly get a kick out of this video, so be sure to share it with your fellow proud papas out there. Be sure to post it to your Facebook wall and tweet it out to your Twitter followers, so that they can watch it and enjoy as much as you did!

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