This Elephant Can Only Go To Sleep After Their Caretaker Does THIS. Oh My Precious!


This is an amazing video as this caretaker sings this lullaby as you can watch the elephant fall asleep. The big creature seems to be resting very peacefully as Lek sings this beautiful lullaby. Faa Mai seems to be in a deep sleep at the end of this song. Watch this and you will be amazed. This video shows a great example of how these large and intelligent creatures connect with us humans. Watch the peaceful look in this elephant’s eyes as she fades off to sleep. Lek is such a good singer and the elephant reacts well to her voice just like a mother and a child would react to each other. It is amazing how human like these giant creatures really are.

Elephants are very smart animals and this video shows you how much this is true. You can’t believe how this elephant named Faa Mai reacts to this lullaby. Watch Lek who has a beautiful voice singing to this giant elephant named Faa Mai. The elephant goes right to sleep at the end of this video. Faa Mai is just like a little kid as she listens to this song. This all takes place in a nature preserve as this elephant is being sung a lullaby. It is so cool to see a big animal like this reacting to such human like conditions and knowing the elephant is being helped. God Bless this caretaker Lek and the help she gives these elephants. Watching this relaxed me and Lek’s voice is amazing.

Watch this cool video of this majestic animal and you will love seeing this elephant as she slowly goes to sleep. Enjoy this elephant video and pass it on to your family and friends.

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