This Duck Wouldn’t Stop Quacking Until Someone Helped Her. Now Watch What Happens Next.


Police officers are given the seemingly endless task of protecting and serving their city’s citizens at all times. They are also responsible for making sure that citizens are obeying the law. Police officers are no stranger to exciting calls and trouble is always just around the corner. However, what the police officer does in this video goes above and beyond the call of duty.

To most, the duck in this clip is just another unruly animal, quacking up a storm and causing trouble for passerby. But this mother mallard is being noisy for a very good reason. She has been frantically quacking to call attention to a serious problem that she is having. Her babies have become trapped in a nearby storm drain and she has no means for rescuing them.

The frantic mother had no means of rescuing her babies and decided to cry for help until someone intervened. Any mother can certainly relate to the emotions that this duck was feeling. Luckily for her, a helpful officer was able to come along and aid her search and rescue mission, making this feathered family whole once more.

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