This Duck Was Waiting Patiently For His Best Friend… Wait Until You See Who It Is!


This short little video is a perfect example of the phenomenal understanding of time and time of day that ducks have as well as the feelings a duck can display when the duck finally catches sight of his friend that he has been waiting for. Most people think ducks are not really that smart but this duck named Nibbles seems to know a lot more than we would normally think that a duck knows. Nibbles is an adult duck and looks a lot like a mallard. Nibbles is a domesticated duck. That means the duck is used to being around people. Nibbles has formed a close and personal bond with at least one human – a little boy.

The little boy looks to be between six years old and eight years old. Nibbles is sitting quietly in the passenger seat of the family car watching a school bus unload. The little boy’s mother has brought Nibbles along to pick up her son after school. Nibbles is straining and stretching to get a look at his best bud over the dashboard of the car. You can sense the anticipation in the duck’s behavior. The duck knows that his best friend is on the bus and is fixated on the door of the school bus in anticipation. Nibbles is quiet until he catches sight of the little boy. As soon as the little boy comes to the door of the bus Nibbles starts to celebrate. The duck begins to honk loudly and frequently. The honk sounds more like a cheer than anything else. The duck honks and honks as the little boy makes his way to the car. You have to watch the video to get an idea of how loud and frantic the duck is carrying on. The little boy opens the car door and greets his pal, Nibbles even before he says hello to his mother. The duck bounces its head up and down in greeting and the little boy does the same.

The little boy pets the duck like most people would pet a dog or a cat. The duck just keeps on honking greetings to the little boy. The little boy is something of a comedian and asks his mother if the duck really drove to pick him up. There is something between children and animals that is special. Anyone that claims that animals do not feel love would be flabbergasted at this show of affection by Nibbles for a little boy. While ducks cannot talk, there is no doubt that Nibbles knows who his best friend is and is more than delighted to see the little boy he has grown up with and taken under his wing.

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